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Construction Risk Management in 4 Simple Steps

Without an understanding of potential risks in a construction project, you can face serious problems. Fortunately, managing and mitigating risk is becoming increasingly easier for project managers, with a more accessible pool of resources and tools available than ever before.

How Construction Companies in Canada Can Reduce Operating Costs

You have to spend money to make money. But construction companies are often burdened with massive operating costs that undermine the value of the project—and make it harder to compete.

Why You Should Engage General Contractors in the Design Phase

With the construction industry rapidly progressing towards better resiliency, energy efficiency, and sustainability, clients are increasingly expecting projects to meet those higher standards.

5 Tips to Avoid Costly Rework on Construction Projects

Tips to avoid costly rework on construction projects

For project managers and construction managers, rework is a huge menace to productivity and profitability. It can be more than just frustrating to suffer through construction rework. In some circumstances, it can completely derail and devastate a project’s schedule and budget.

How Construction Owners Can Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19

How construction owners can mitigate the impacts of COVID-19

We’re seeing the nationwide closures of non-essential businesses change the way we live—and it seems like this change in industry and lifestyle will be sticking around for quite a while.

Company Spotlight: Synergy


2019 has been a substantial year for Synergy Projects Ltd., having their team involved in numerous construction projects, doing everything from cannabis facilities to family hospices and everything in between in the Edmonton region.

The Homes for Heroes Edmonton Expansion

homes for heroes

Homes for Heroes Edmonton Expansion

The Homes For Heroes Foundation recently finished the construction of a Veterans’ Village consisting of 15 tiny homes in Calgary. These 15 residences are now home to veterans who were previously homeless in the city of Calgary.